Anthem To The Normal People


Everyone can make a difference.

And there are so many out there

we don't see on Social Media,
in the magazines, on TV shows.

There are these people who bring a smile to your face -
even without knowing you.
These people who smile at you in the streets, on the train.
Helping you out spontaneously, asking "how are you today?"
and mean it.

I chose 3 people to dedicate this blog post to.
And when I will meet them, I will ask if I can take a picture and
mention their name.
So, if  they agree, this will be added later.

The cashier at our local supermarket (btw the whole team there is amazing).
I guess, he is in his early twenties.
And he is always smiling and we always have a little chat

and I thank him on a regular basis - just because I love giving positive feedback to people.
So some weeks ago I broke my arm and I never left the market without
having his best wishes for fast regeneration.
So now the cast is off..what he of course realized and because he asked if it went well and how I am doing right now,
I thanked him that he was part of the healing

with his always so positive energy.
And you know what he answered?
"You are always in my prayers."

The post office people - also here in the quarter of Frankfurt

where I live.
This post office is truly worth visiting - not only because they now sell
as well my favorite coffee beans.
Even when you just pass by on the street, the positive energy

of this shop catches me.
The other day I was chatting with one of the employees over there -
again feedbacking how great the energy is there and how happy I am
whenever I have a reason to go there. And we started talking about the workplace and enjoying what you do etc. etc.
And..wisdom of the day: he said:
"If you don't love what you do, quit and do something else."
I think a lot of people should go there for consultation.

Last but not least: the man who is cleaning the local train stations.
I watched him several times while waiting for a train and
I never ever witnessed someone cleaning a trash can with so much love. a rubbish bin with love!
A lot of people attend long retreats and workshops to get into
this state of being - and still can't implement it in their daily lives.
And I had several longer chats with him and I am sure, whenever
I will hold a leadership seminar in the future,
I will invite him as a guest speaker.

Because he is the perfect role model.

May I have inspired you to open your eyes and hearts
for these daily gifts, we get all the time.
Let's honor these people - and become one of them.
Because we all can brighten the day for someone,
we can "make their day".
And please honor yourself for all the gifts you have inside of you.
You are an influencer - we all are!
Don't waste that chance.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago