Back to life

Back to life.

...better to say "Back to the outside world"

What started as a four week timeout from my normal life, with a great need to turn off everything and get away, turned into a much longer absence from the outside world, far beyond my original intention.

I felt no impulse to go into the outside world, whether it be walking in nature, writing a blog or socializing with friends. I felt no impulse to do anything.

It was an unusual move on my part to remove myself from my life, but something deep inside of me gnawed at my soul; a longing for a great change.

The “reset phase” of four weeks turned into a journey of surrendering for ten months!

Continually, I asked myself "Will I ever feel an impulse to go out again?"
The answer was the same….”It’s not time”. Not time to go out to a party, not this time to go out on a date, not this time to contribute, to empower, to create…. I was intuiting to stay put and wait.

So I stayed true to myself; to the promise I made to myself.
I will never ever force myself to do anything. I will have the courage to wait for the inspired action of impulse to occur. And I committed to this mantra at every decision, "that which is not a clear YES, is a NO".

This was, and still is for me the journey of surrendering; to get out of my own way. I feel the transformation, the ripening feeling inside as a way of maturation taking place in my body, mind, spirit and soul.

It feels like a homecoming; a coming home to who I truly am, to my divine origin, which allows me to open more fully and enter more deeply into my 3D Life.

The experiences I have had filled my authentic well, naturally tapping into my power.
Out of different events and circumstances during this process are the blessings of how many hearts have been touched through my renewed interactions with others.

I realize once again that I have to experience life so deeply and personally, so that I can be a loving and strong companion for people who want to do the same.

For those who are looking to transform their lives, to step out of the restrictions of whom they think they have to be, or by those who have told them/made they belief who or how they have to be; for those who deeply feel that there is so much more to life, who want to embrace a true change and reconnect with who they truly are, I am ready for you!

I am deeply grateful to myself for having the courage to trust in the process of surrendering, in complete devotion to a life altering reset.

I could never have predetermined the deep transformation that occurred, which of course is a never-ending journey.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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