Be the one who gives you the likes

Be the one who gives you the likes.

...they are the best ones.

"How arrogant" - "How narcissistic"
This is what some of you may think right now.
"I don't praise myself!"

And I tell you
"You better should start doing so"
To honor yourself, to praise yourself, to love yourself.
I know our society disapprove it, is casting aspersions
on such an attitude.

And tell me
"How do you think you can honor someone, praise someone,
love someone if you are not able to do it for yourself."

It's already written in the bible.
"Love thy neighbor as thyself."
And our culture mainly cuts off the second part, calls it selfish.
But it doesn't work like this.
"A full barrel can overflow. Out of an empty barrel, you can't
scoop anything."

I call it "Healthy Selfishness".
And hereby I invite you, I encourage you to become
a full, an overflowing barrel and everyone and everything
around you will benefit.

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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