being in power

Being in power...

...reveals your true character

The crisis shows it very clear.
It's not so easy anymore to hide your true character.
The truth is revealed.
The crisis works like a magnifying glass.
How people use their power, their influence.
Check yourself:
When you encounter someone personally or via

social media/TV/youtube/articles etc., ask yourself,
especially ask your heart:
What do I feel when I look at this person?
What do I feel when I listen to this person?
Is this person acting for the wellbeing of everything and everyone -

or does it only seems to be this way?
Do I feel that this person is more ego-driven or is the person able to put her/his ego behind and is willing to surrender to the higher good?
Double proof!

It will be very beneficial for your life to build in this filter.

And last but not least check yourself as well.
How do you behave in times of crisis?
How do you behave when in power?


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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