being in power

Being in power...

...reveals your true character

The crisis shows it very clear.
It's not so easy anymore to hide your true character.
The truth is revealed.
The crisis works like a magnifying glass.
How people use their power, their influence.
Check yourself:
When you encounter someone personally or via

social media/TV/youtube/articles etc., ask yourself,
especially ask your heart:
What do I feel when I look at this person?
What do I feel when I listen to this person?
Is this person acting for the wellbeing of everything and everyone -

or does it only seems to be this way?
Do I feel that this person is more ego-driven or is the person able to put her/his ego behind and is willing to surrender to the higher good?
Double proof!

It will be very beneficial for your life to build in this filter.

And last but not least check yourself as well.
How do you behave in times of crisis?
How do you behave when in power?


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of months ago

don’t go back

Don't go back!

Saying "no" to "back to normal".

​"Oh, I hope that we soon get back to normal."

This is what I hear often these days.
And my heart says "NO!!!!!"
"Please don't!!!!!"

Of course, I as well want to gather with friends again,

want to travel again etc. etc.
BUT - I learned throughout my life, in my personal life

as well in my professional life as a therapist and as a coach
that every crisis contains a treasure inside. 
Every crisis holds a chance, a lesson, invites us to divert the course.
To divert our course we have been targeting up to now.

Which course you have been following so far?
Has it been truly beneficial for you and your loved ones?
Or perhaps other values have been revealed during this forced retreat.
Questions like "What is really important in life for me?"

may have come to the surface.
A lot can come to the surface when we are not distracted

by our daily routine -
when we are somehow forced to be still, to listen, to go inside.

Did you use this chance so far?
Or did you keep on distracting yourself?
And yes, it might be scary to listen.
To listen to your inner voice, to your heart.
These voices you perhaps might have neglected for so long.

And even you might be afraid to listen, I tell you
these voices are well-meaning - no, not the voices of fear, no these voices who tell you who you really are, what you really want,
how you really wanna live.

And NOW we have the chance to correct the course!
How about using this time to determine a new destination?
Which is the goal you are targeting for from now on?
Do you really wanna go back?
Or are you brave enough to change gear?


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of months ago

we all gonna die

We all gonna die.

It's inevitable.

We all gonna die.
No exception.
Yes, also you, you are reading this, also YOU will die one day.
A fact that most people shy away from.
A fact that most of our society seems to deny.
Most of the people seem to live as they would have time, endless time.
As if death wouldn't come to them.
Until they are directly affected by death - in their personal environment or the appearance of death hits them collectively.
And then they are shocked, afraid up to paralyzed and helpless.

This is totally normal and understandable, just a normal human reaction when they face a situation that feels life-threatening to them.

Yes, it doesn't have to be life-threatening - it does not matter if the situation IS actually life-threating, e.g. you find yourself in a situation where you wake up and find your house on fire or you FEEl that your life is threatened.
Physiologically it makes no difference - your brain, your whole body reacts ins the same way - it makes no difference.
You enter the survival mode - which by the way shuts down the logical mind - which makes total sense when you jump from the street so that you won't get hit by a truck.
It's very important to know that if you are in a survival mode - and remember, it does not matter if the threat is real or you just feel threatened - the logic mind is shut down, as well your ability to find solutions - you just react.
So in your daily life, it can be very helpful to ask yourself the question "Am I in a life-threatening situation or do I feel just the way?" - and no worry - as long as you still have the time to ask this question, you aren't!
You still have time to think, to re-think, to calm down and hereby opening up for solutions.

People are often shocked when I tell them

that death is one of my best friends.
And yes, death is one of my best friends.

Death reminds me of life and helps me to live my life and not only exist.
Not to live a life "If...then."

I see so many people postpone their life.
Postpone their dreams, their desires.
Postpone the life they truly wanna live.
They often seem to forget how precious life is.
So in times of crisis, they have the chance to remember,

to wake up and start to leave the vicious circle of their daily routines, 
of their way of thinking and feeling, of their way of how and what they prioritize.

See, this is why I personally call death one of my best friends. Death tells me "Don't waste your life."
Death encourages me to ask myself from time to time the question "What do I wanna do with the rest of my life?"

Meaning from NOW on!

May you all life live your best life ever!


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a few months ago

gaining clarity

Gaining clarity

Lifting the veil.

"Who are you if everything is taken away from you?"
A question I often ask my clients.
Now a lot is taken away from us - or freedom to go wherever we want, our daily routines, our so-called normal behavior.

So who are you in this crisis?
What do you represent?
What do you stand for?
What are you passing on? Fear or LOVE?
What do you give to your loved ones, to the people around you, to strangers you encounter - may it be in a store or online?
And under the same perspective, you can ask these questions

the people "in charge" - the governments, the CEOs,
the billionaires (I recalled the flood of donations when
Notre Dame was burning).

Gaining clarity about yourself.
Now is a great time to do so.
Who am I?
What is really important to me?
Gaining clarity about the people around you?
Who are your true friends? Who is really there for you?
And there might appear people you never ever would have thought that they would support you and others might disappear - some of them you called friends for a long time.

"The proof is in the pudding."
Gaining clarity, clearing up your space inside and outside.
New possibilities, new connections will emerge out of this process.
It's time to shed the old that no longer serves us - even that means to give up parts of who we thought we were...
I know that can be very scary and I hereby wanna encourage you to leave scarcity and enter the realm of LOVE and

start living a life that is worth living.

You have it in your own hands.
YOU decide which way to go.
May you gain clarity.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a few months ago

Find your own truth

Find your own truth...

...and shape the future you wanna live in

There is no such thing as ONE truth
Everything is personal.
It's all about personal perspective which is of course influenced

by our experiences, the culture we have been raised in, religion, traditions, etc, etc.
Each and every one of us sees the world through their own lens, through their own filter.

Same as we can't see the full spectrum of the light,

we will never be able to see the full spectrum of an incidence.
It's all about perspective.
Look around...there is so much fighting going on about right or wrong. I don't wanna deepen this topic here and now.
I wanna remind you that even there is no such thing as THE ONE truth. You are free to choose and find your own truth.

How do I find my own truth? - you now may ask.
Here some "guidelines" I found to be very helpful for myself as well for people who asked me for support:

* Acknowledge that there is no such thing as ONE truth.
   Respect different opinions.

   That does not mean that you have to like them. 
   The freedom we want for ourselves we have to grant others as well.

* "What if?" - I love to play the "what-if game".

    What if my perspective of my current situation wouldn't be true?
     There are many variations of this game. Just explore if you like.

*  And of course "Follow Your Heart"!

    Our hearts exactly know what is true for us, what is in our best
    interest. That's inherent! Unfortunately, we are trained - often from
    an early age on - to overwrite the message of our heart, of our
    intuition, our gut feeling with our logical mind.
    So we are disconnected from our most valid guidance.

And here comes in the chance of the crisis.
People are forced to go within, to question, to realign.
If you take the chance and don't escape into fear, blaming, being victim, distractions, you will come out of any crisis renewed and empowered.
Now, is the time to shape the future you wanna live in!


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a few months ago

Follow your HEART

Listen to your HEART.

Your HEART will tell you the truth.

Listen to your heart.
Go inside.
There is where your true power lies - within!
This also includes responsibility.
The responsibility to form your own opinion
and not to blindly follow the masses -
It's an awesome exercise for your so-called normal daily life.

Right now so many people are fighting about right or wrong -

up to defame someone who has the courage to question
the mainstream media,
the "facts" who are presented in the mainstream media.

Your heart knows what's true and what's a lie-
your heart knows when someone really wants to support,

to empower you and when someone - out of whatever reason -
wants to manipulate you.

It may need courage but it will set you free.
We are born free but then the system kicks in and
starts to form you, to deprive you of who you truly are.
My heart tells me clearly that it is NOT how life is meant to be.

We are unique. YOU are unique!
Now many people around the world are in forced retreats.
What a chance - isn't it?
To be "forced" to be with yourself.
Now is the chance to turn off the outer distractions,
including the panic, the fear and listen to your heart.
So turn off the news from time to time.
Pause and go within.
I hereby encourage you to be brave, to form your own opinion,

to go on a treasure hunt what your life is really about,
how you truly wanna live, who you truly are.
And yes, some people shy away from this.
Don't wanna look into the mirror of clarity and their own truth.

And that's ok.
No one is forced to do so...again, take responsibility!
Every decision is a decision - even not to decide is a decision.
For those who wanna grasp the chance of this crisis:
Now you can lay the foundation for your future.
YES, there is a chance in every crisis.
Remember you reap what you sow.
What kind of life, what kind of lifestyle - inside and outside -

do you wanna reap?
Now you have the time to make new decisions -
and I see already many people taking this chance.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a few months ago

The art of unbecoming

The art of unbecoming

Embracing the unknown.

Who are you?
What are you doing?
These are the most asked questions when people meet for the first time.
And it is the reflection of how much we define ourselves through what we do and who (we think) we are.
Of course, it creates a certain kind of comfort "knowing" who we are,

as well for the people around us.

And it doesn't matter how we live, which profession we have,

which kind of lifestyle we are living, if we are happy or unhappy -
the underlying principle is always the same.
We formed a certain personality and live according to it.
And as longer we live it, we identify more and more with it,
equate personality with who we truly are. 

And here is the trap - equalizing personality with who we truly are.
We are caught inside our habits, inside our personality, inside how the people around us see us.
So we keep on functioning according to what and to how we used to live. And again, this gives us a kind of comfort and security.

"But", you now might say, there are so many people who even radically changed their lives, left everything behind and started something new or took a sabbatical or..or..or.
Let's take a closer look.
If you know these people in person or if you just observe them...

as far as you can see, did they really change or do they repeat the same patterns just on a different playground?

What a lot of people don't include in the equation is the fact that you always take yourself with you - no matter where you go, no matter how much you change your outer life circumstances.
I encountered many people who tried to change over and over again only to find themselves in the same role again and again - even the places and the people and the life circumstances changed.

Changing the outer conditions, circumstances may bring you some relief, yes. In most of the cases it won't last. In most of the cases you'll find yourself repeating the same old patterns o ver and over again.

True change starts from within and often happens silently even without the person itself noticing something.

It's more like walking through fog and mist.

True change starts with being willing to unbecome, to step into the unknown. To be willing to fully surrender to who you truly are without knowing who you truly are.
Saying yes to the journey and not to focus on a certain outcome.

Every focus we can have is based on our experience and on our belief system, so it just creates another version of the old you.
Especially in our so-called Western world with the supervalued rational mind it's a true challenge, I know.

And just to make it clear: this unbecoming is an ongoing process, you are never done, there is no finish line to be crossed.
I always say that I lived so many lives in one life -

sometimes even joking that it is so much easier than this whole complete dying and being reborn cycle - even in certain phases of the process, it feels exactly like dying and being reborn.
And then sometimes people start arguing: stayed in the same professional fields for round about 30 years...and you tell me you changed?
YES...always consider that's not about WHAT we do, it's all about HOW we do it.
And I fully understand that it might be not so obvious for people but nowadays my approach is completely different, because I AM a different person...and I will continue to be on this journey, this unbecoming, surrendering to life, to my higher self, to divine guidance.
And I don't wanna miss this journey, even sometimes it seems to be a lonely path, risking being called crazy, misunderstood or not understood at all.
To me, it is more than worth it.

So unbecoming, leaving behind your old you and start your personal discovery journey - perhaps this is the true meaning of the bible verse
"Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

And I know from my heart that heaven is here, here on earth.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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6 months ago

brave enough

Are you brave enough... find true meaning in life?

​"Of course!"...a lot of people would answer.

So how about if I ask you if you are willing and ready to

leave structures you are accustomed to, you are raised/grown into?
be ready to re-invent yourself over and over again?
embrace uncertainty?
be ready to fully surrender to life?
to give up traditional power structures?
to not give a s**t what other people think about you?
to give up your plans and restart over and over again?
to give up the illusion of true meaning?


So now again...
Are you brave enough to find true meaning in life?


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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6 months ago



is a trap.

​Intellect is a trap we often fall into - and sadly enough it is often used intertwined with intelligence and sophistication.
Intellect and sophistication are constructs while true intelligence is innate.
Intellect and sophistication are considered to be eminently respectable.
We lose sight of the true intelligence - you can also call it natural wisdom which comes from the heart and hereby is directly connected to the universal laws.
No, I am not against intellect and mind. They are wonderful tools that can be used by our innate intelligence and wisdom.
Yes, used by!
A role reversal happened in our culture the servants (intellect and mind) now act as rulers discrediting up to denying the importance of the true ruler (the heart).

Where did this lead us? Look around!
Intellect and mind will never be able to understand the perfect orchestration of our universe because they are plus-minus limited to facts.
Facts are always based on past experiences. These, of course, create a filter through which we see and plan our future. Please consider as well that, as you can see through history, facts can change and can be changed/manipulated.

The same way you will never be able to understand nor to experience the smell and the existence of a rose through defoliating it, you will never ever even get a glimpse of the laws of existence by just using your intellect.

If we have the courage to re-install the natural order of servant and ruler, we will be able to solve the big problems we are facing nowadays together as a community.
Then these problems will turn into opportunities.
Let's co-create and collaborate!


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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7 months ago


How to create healthy companies

and communities.

As in our bodies, everything is based on the principle of harmony 

which naturally per se involves EVERY single part of the whole.
And this principle is overlooked, run over inside most of our what we call civilized structures.

Looking back at what I encountered over the last 3 decades of my professional career, I can say that one of the main issues in our cultures is that people don't live their unique selves, aren't empowered, aren't trusted that they truly have something unique to contribute.

It seems that even there has been so much innovation, humanitarian evolution got stuck at the early age of industrialism where people have been trained and treated to be like robots, just to function.
What I often find inside companies as well as in people who come to me and seek support is that people don't feel seen, trusted and appreciated in what they do, who they truly are and what they have to contribute in their unique way. So they just automatically function - until they crash or leave their workplace...burnout and other diseases are one form of what I mean by "crash".
And it doesn't matter which position they hold - from housekeeper to secretary to top's always the same, can be retraced to the same origin.

I feel, see and experience that is rooted in the - still - mechanistic worldview.
Denying the laws of nature, the wisdom of nature which is co-creation and collaboration based on the principle of everyone is contributing their best and being acknowledged, seen and trusted.
Btw companies who apply these principles already experience organic growth, health and wealth for everyone.
This is how you create sustainability and ignite and empower self-controlling/ self-regulating mechanisms which are the true nature of all living systems.
And it all starts with the individuum. Nothing truly sustainable, no true living synergy can ever be implemented through external control only through empowering the inherent forces  that lay within each and everyone of us.

To be continued.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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7 months ago
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