I’ll do it later…

I'll Do It Later...

...an then...ups it's too late.

​I'll do it later...
and then..ups it's too late.

How quickly do you get distracted

 from the things you really wanna do?
How often do you say "later..."

and then later perhaps never comes?

"Healing is a matter of time,
but sometimes also a matter of opportunity."

I wanna argue it's always about opportunity.
Not only for healing - for everything in life.
And even more..it's not about the opportunities...
It's all about
Am I able to recognize them?
Am I able to receive them?
Am I able and willing to accept them?

Opportunities are always there.
The rest is all about our willingness to take it.

And when you think, if you feel like "later" -
be aware that later perhaps will never come.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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...does not exist.

Just to remind you:


Balance your life.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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Driving through the desert

Driving Through The Desert...

...to get to the ocean.

Ok..let's assume you are heading towards the ocean.
And the road who is leading you to the ocean crosses
a desert.
And this is the only road to the place you want to be.
Can you imagine this?

So let's take another example.
You have a goal in life, something you wanna accomplish.
And you look at the map of opportunities and decide that
you gonna follow this road.
That you will do these steps to get where you wanna be.
Can you picture this?

So in both examples, you have a desired destination
and a guidance "tool" to get there - may it be a map, a sat nav, a coach,
a mentor, your inner wisdom etc. etc. ...

And now:
have a look at example no 1:
you are driving through the desert to get to the ocean -
this might be boring, annoying, frustrating even perhaps because
it takes so long.
But what do you in the best scenario?
You, first of all, keep on driving, follow the road.
Second, you make your journey as convenient as possible.
You perhaps listen to your favorite music, an empowering audiobook,
you have some snacks and beverages with you and you are happy
that you have air conditioning in your car and
that you don't have to walk along the road.
Meaning you make your journey as enjoyable as possible.
Can you relate to this?

Now let's move over the second example.
A part of your journey of life.
Why people are handling this situation so differently comparing
to the first one?
Why do they start complaining almost instantaneously
when their guiding "tool" leads them through the desert,
over bumpy roads?
People start blaming the tool, the guide, the roadmap - they start
doubting and a lot of them make a U-turn and
return to the place where they started from.
And a lot of people do this over and over again and then instead
of keep on heading towards their desired destination, they continue
And then they hold responsible, they blame the outer circumstances,
the guidance, life itself, the universe or even GOD.

What is true in the first example, is true for life in general.
define your destination, choose the road and keep on driving.
And make your journey as pleasant as possible.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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I love these quiet moments….

I Love These Quiet Moments...

...this sacred space.

This space where people feel so comfortable
that they doff their masks.
This space that provides so much shelter
that someone can put her armor down.

Especially those who don't do it normally -
not even with their friends or family.
In this space they do and start to enjoy it.
This space where there is this open contact-
eye to eye, heart to heart.
This space free of judgment, free of labeling and
free of "good advice".
This space filled with pure love, understanding
and compassion.
Just being.
Being who you truly are.
Feeling what you truly feel.
Expressing without a filter.
Pure essence of existence.

Isn't it this what we all are longing for?
Just to be, show up as the one who we truly are.
Feeling loved, appreciated for what we are -
not for what we do?
My heart tells me "This is how life is meant to be."
And I agree 200%.

I love these quiet moments.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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Be still and listen.

"Close the door of words
that the window of your heart may open.
To see what cannot be seen
turn your eyes inward
and listen, in silence." Rumi

We ask and ask and ask...for whatever.
You can't hear the answers while asking.
Stop the asking, stop the chatter.
Become still and you will hear the answers.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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Anthem To The Normal People


Everyone can make a difference.

And there are so many out there

we don't see on Social Media,
in the magazines, on TV shows.

There are these people who bring a smile to your face -
even without knowing you.
These people who smile at you in the streets, on the train.
Helping you out spontaneously, asking "how are you today?"
and mean it.

I chose 3 people to dedicate this blog post to.
And when I will meet them, I will ask if I can take a picture and
mention their name.
So, if  they agree, this will be added later.

The cashier at our local supermarket (btw the whole team there is amazing).
I guess, he is in his early twenties.
And he is always smiling and we always have a little chat

and I thank him on a regular basis - just because I love giving positive feedback to people.
So some weeks ago I broke my arm and I never left the market without
having his best wishes for fast regeneration.
So now the cast is off..what he of course realized and because he asked if it went well and how I am doing right now,
I thanked him that he was part of the healing

with his always so positive energy.
And you know what he answered?
"You are always in my prayers."

The post office people - also here in the quarter of Frankfurt

where I live.
This post office is truly worth visiting - not only because they now sell
as well my favorite coffee beans.
Even when you just pass by on the street, the positive energy

of this shop catches me.
The other day I was chatting with one of the employees over there -
again feedbacking how great the energy is there and how happy I am
whenever I have a reason to go there. And we started talking about the workplace and enjoying what you do etc. etc.
And..wisdom of the day: he said:
"If you don't love what you do, quit and do something else."
I think a lot of people should go there for consultation.

Last but not least: the man who is cleaning the local train stations.
I watched him several times while waiting for a train and
I never ever witnessed someone cleaning a trash can with so much love.
Imagine..cleaning a rubbish bin with love!
A lot of people attend long retreats and workshops to get into
this state of being - and still can't implement it in their daily lives.
And I had several longer chats with him and I am sure, whenever
I will hold a leadership seminar in the future,
I will invite him as a guest speaker.

Because he is the perfect role model.

May I have inspired you to open your eyes and hearts
for these daily gifts, we get all the time.
Let's honor these people - and become one of them.
Because we all can brighten the day for someone,
we can "make their day".
And please honor yourself for all the gifts you have inside of you.
You are an influencer - we all are!
Don't waste that chance.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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Did you ever play this game when you were a kid?
I don't know if kids play this game still.
It's such a great training for life.

Because this is what life, circumstances, and events,
your emotions - and especially our emotions present us...
better to say this how they guide us through life.

Your goal, your desire, that is what you are wanting -
like the person in the hotter - colder play.
And so life and your inner wisdom support you to find as
quickly as possible...
and because they are inside of us, our emotions are the best,
the detector, the easiest to understand.

Bad feeling emotions: you are moving away from your goal.
Good feeling emotions: you are on track.

It's so easy!


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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Living on autopilot.

Living On Autopilot.

Do you?

Are you living your life on autopilot?
A lot of people do.
And just upfront
Don't get me wrong...I am not against autopilot systems.
Imagine if we had to control all the functions in our bodies.
We would die in less than a second...no...we wouldn't have
come into existence even.
And isn't it wonderful how precisely all these programs work?
If you have to make a short sprint to catch the bus...directly your
heart rate, your blood pressure, your muscles, your whole body system
supports you instantaneously so that you can catch the bus.
We just can do it...we don't have to plan it in advance meticulously.
What a blessing!...

Now..like always in life...what can be a blessing in some cases,
can be a curse in others.
Same is true with autopilot programs.
Are you happy with all the autopilot programs

you have been running all day long?
Do they support your health and your happiness?
Do they deliver you, to they contribute to a fulfilled life?
Have you been running these programs for so long
that you don't even question them anymore?
Can you remember who installed them in the first place?
Has it been you with the clear intention

to create a happy and fulfilling life,
to fulfill your life's purpose?
Or has it been developed and installed by someone else
and you just allowed it to happen?
Checking our autopilot programs from time to time is key.
Even you will find there a program which has been beneficial
for you for years, may not suit you today.
So do your regular checks to make sure that you don't exist as a robot
but live the life of a human being.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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Should I or…

Should I or...

...shouldn't I?

Pros and Cons?
Vibrational speaking it doesn't make sense at all.
It's more like this one step forward and one back - at least.

Can you advance like this?
Of course not.
And even it is still common sense, a lot of people do it this way,
it isn't very helpful.

At least there is a more effective way.
Do you like more effectively?

Hear me out!

Find the "Yes's"!
Make a Yes list.
And to make it even more effective:
Make a list of the emotions linked to your Yes's.
(Because emotions are the key to manifestation.)

And here comes an add-on:
If it is not a CLEAR yes, it's a NO.

Enjoy finding your Yes's!

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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Get out of your way!

Get Out Of Your Way.

And let things unfold naturally.

Try harder.
Do more.
Keep on pushing.

"You can't push the river."
But these days a lot of people try to do so.
Try to push their own stream of life.
What happens often instead is that
as more, they try to push as harder it gets,
as higher the barrages become.

I wanna argue it's an art to find the balance
between action and giving in.
I witnessed so many people - including myself -
who blocked their own way.
Blocked the outcome they often had worked so hard for,
had put so much effort and lifetime in it.

To find the right balance is an art.
And I wanna argue that especially in our action-oriented world,
a world which is often only focused on the outcome - no matter what -
in this kind of world, we need more of these artists.
More of these artists who show us that getting out of your own way
is in most of the cases the shortcut to your goal.

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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