The expulsion from paradise

The expulsion from paradise...

...on a day to day basis. are - at least most of you are expelled from paradise
on a day to day basis...
From an early age on...

I would even say it starts already during pregnancy.

Look around in our world...people measure you, judge you, label you...
They do their very best 
to make you compliant -
instead of honoring your unique way of being.
And it doesn't matter if they do it because they just want "your best".

YES, you are expelled from paradise on a day to day basis.

From an early age on you are more and more disconnected from 
who you truly are. 
In many ways!

You are expelled by
"I know what is good for you"
"You have to do/be this so that you can live a successful life."
"Science and experts say..."

You are expelled by
Disregarding your feelings and intuition
"It's not true - it's only your imagination."

"Oh, why you always have to be so difficult."
"Look at the others."
And I am sure you experience many variations of the above.

YES, we are expelled from paradise.
BUT you can return at any given moment.

Imagine a world where people live their unique self.
Imagine a world where people trust their inner wisdom and guidance.
Imagine a world where people take full responsibility

for all their actions.
Imagine a world where people respect and love each other for who they truly are.


Meet you in paradise!


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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last year

What do you really want?

What Do You Really Want?

Be honest with yourself!

We all know what we really want.
Sometimes it takes a while to recall it,

because we put so many layers over it.

Layers of
"Oh, this is only a dream."
"This is something that is not possible."
"I don't have the money to live this way."
"I don't have the time to do that."
"It's not acknowledged by society."
"I won't have any friends anymore if I live this way."
And there are endless variations of the layers mentioned above.

our inner being never lets go of how we truly wanna live.
As many layers as you will put over your deepest desires,
as hard as you try to deny them, your inner self, your higher self,
your inner being - however, you may call it - this part of you will never
forget it, will hold onto it, will remind you whenever you leave the path
towards living your unique life - the life that is truly yours.

And yes, it may need courage to listen to this inner part -
to admit to yourself what you truly want and then to pursue
the fulfillment of your deepest desires.
But it will not only bring you satisfaction - you will be happier, healthier
and wealthier than you even can imagine.

Life is way to precious to not follow your dreams.
So you'll better listen.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago

No one is punishing you.

No One is punishing you.

It's all in your favor.

This may sound harsh to some of you who are now going through

tough times right now.
who perhaps have feelings like
"Why always me?"
"I just wanna get rid of the pain!"

May you be inspired by this weeks' edition of our Facebook Live 
what my dearest friend Asli Eti and myself are providing to our
community every week.
And this week it was all about pain and problems.
How to handle the "dark times" of our life.
And even more - how we can use them in our favor.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago

It all starts inside…

It All Starts Inside...

...this is what a lot of people have forgotten these days.

Living in a three-dimensional world lets us often forget
where we are coming from, that we are so much more than
we represent here in our physical bodies.
I am not saying that you should neglect or dispraise it.
No, just the opposite...embrace it, embrace it all what you are,
what you experience here in this life.

Do you wanna live this life to the fullest?
Do you wanna live a fulfilled life?
Do you wanna wake up in the morning already fully content
and eager for the day?

you are so much more than what you represent in your physical form.
you are not a slave of circumstances - if you don't choose to be.
you are the powerful creator of your life - if you choose to be.

So many people spend the majority of their lives in trying to change
the outer circumstances, trying to achieve something that is outside.
And they are working so hard for it.

Spending so much time, money and energy to reach a certain goal.

Yes, the majority of people is behaving like this - so it is normal.
Only because of the majority of people is doing it, it doesn't necessarily
mean that there is no other way, an easier one, a more effective one.

And it is there - and it is always with you, inside of you.
Each and every one of us has everything inside of herself/himself.
There is where your true resources reside, your connection to the forces
of the universe, to the power that creates worlds.
And you, yes YOU, have everything INSIDE of you.
You won't find it anywhere else.
Look inside. Go inside.
And from there you not only can change yourself
but as well the world around you.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago

You are the miracle.

You Are The Miracle.

The miracle is inside of you.

People are looking, praying, hoping for miracles.
Some experience what they call a miracle.
The majority doesn't.

What is a miracle?
What do we label as a miracle?
So let's collect some attributes of miracles
* it doesn't happen "normally" on a day to day basis

   at least we think so
* it is often unexpected - when we already gave up hope e.g.
* it's unusual
* it feels that we can't influence it
* it feels like we are dependant on the grace of an outside force

So now let's assume you are a time traveler.
And you would travel back into the Stone Age.
And you would take your pocket lighter with you.
Imagine you would meet some of these people over there,
back in time and use your lighter to ignite the bonfire?
Can you picture this situation?
It would be a miracle for these people - right.
Perhaps they would be even afraid.
Perhaps they would think you are not human - a God perhaps.

So miracles are something we can't explain.
If you have the know-how, the technology it is no longer a miracle.
And many people don't know that they have the technology inside themselves - it's inherent.
Up to now, there is no scientific explanation why during the embryonal development the heart starts beating. What is the initial impulse that ignites our hearts start beating. This is one of the many miracles of life.
We all are walking miracles.
Think of all the functions our bodies are providing not only to keep us alive, to allow us to do all the amazing things humans can perform.

And even more.
You have the technology inside yourself

to perform miracles on purpose.
And you can get access to this technology,

you can learn how to use them.
We all have the potential to become a miracle maker.
So you won't depend any longer on outside forces, because you will remember that you had it inside of you all along.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago

Thinking your own thoughts

Thinking Your Own Thougths.

Are you sure that they are your own?

Have you ever asked yourself why you are thinking

what you are thinking?
Are you really thinking your own thoughts?

Don't believe everything that you think.
Your thoughts can hold you back in old habits.
Your thoughts may just confirm what feels familiar to you.
Your thoughts may just re-create the same life

over and over and over again.

Are you truly satisfied?
Or do you feel that there is more to life than you are currently living?
Do you feel that you don't live your full potential?

Perhaps if you question your own thoughts - or those you think that
they are your own thoughts - you may find a lot of old believes and/or
believes of others.
Perhaps you may discover that your thoughts try to fit you

into cultural behaviors which are not or no longer suitable for you?

I find it rather helpful to question my own thoughts from time to time.
What if what I am thinking is not true?
What if just the opposite is true?
What if I just continue thinking these thoughts

just because of convenience?

Risk and side effects if you question your thoughts as well:
You may start living a new life.
You may change certain habits.
You may leave old behaviors and habits behind.
You may leave familiar circumstances in exchange for those
that really feel good to you, you are truly in alignment with.

And then the people around you may ask you
"What did you do? You seem to be so much more content,

happier and healthier than ever before."
And you will answer
"I just questioned my own thoughts."


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago

What do you invest in?

What do you invest in?

No, I am not talking about money - at least not in the first place.

It's always interesting for me to watch what people invest their time in.
Especially during an era where to have a lot of time seems to be suspicious even.
"I don't have time" might be more accepted by society, even accredited.

Somehow forgetting that "having time is an illusion".
We don't have time - same as we don't have the air we breathe.
It's a resource we can use but never possess.

How well do you use your time?
How smart you invest in it?

How crazy is it?
We have highly paid investment bankers.
Shouldn't we pay more attention to time investing?
Money, you gain - money, you lose.
And you can always refill your bank account.

Lifetime once spent, you will never ever get back.
So how about becoming your own time investment banker?


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago

Who am I to change the world?

Who Am I to change the world?

If not you - who else?

"Be the change you wanna see in the world."

I guess many of you heard already this famous quote of

Mahatma Gandhi.
And I guess, to many of you it makes a lot of sense.
Those amongst you who have children may agree with me for sure:
Being a living example is the most powerful tool of education, to implement change.

What is true for our children, is true for each and every one of us.
Whom do you believe more - whom you trust more?
The only who is only talking or
the one who is living what she/he is talking about?
I bet the one who is a living proof.

And here comes in another issue.
A lot of people think "Who am I to contribute to change the world?"
"I am neither famous nor in a position to do so!"
Nothing could be further from the truth!

You are unique and what you have to share with the world is unique as well. Don't withhold the world what you have inside of you.

The following quote expresses it so beautifully.

"There is a vitality, a lifeforce, an energy, a quickening translated through you into action, and because there is only one you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open."

Martha Graham, quoted by Agnes DeMille 
Martha. The Life and Work of Martha Graham

I agree 200%.
So there is nothing to add.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago

I’ll do it later…

I'll Do It Later... it's too late.

​I'll do it later...
and it's too late.

How quickly do you get distracted

 from the things you really wanna do?
How often do you say "later..."

and then later perhaps never comes?

"Healing is a matter of time,
but sometimes also a matter of opportunity."

I wanna argue it's always about opportunity.
Not only for healing - for everything in life.
And even's not about the opportunities...
It's all about
Am I able to recognize them?
Am I able to receive them?
Am I able and willing to accept them?

Opportunities are always there.
The rest is all about our willingness to take it.

And when you think, if you feel like "later" -
be aware that later perhaps will never come.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago



...does not exist.

Just to remind you:


Balance your life.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago