I just love them...

We had such a gorgeous summer over here in Germany.
Something I call "real summer".
And now autumn is arriving.
The air is different - and yes, it started raining.

I love seasons because they remind me that everything
has its time in life.
And don't we often forget?
How often we plant a seed and wanna harvest the other day?
How often people say "Oh, that's an overnight success".
Just because they can't see what happened in the "underground".
Sometimes seeds have to stay in the ground -
unseen for quite a long time.
Like the seeds in the dessert e.g. - and then the rain comes and
BOOM...blossoming all over...nearly instantaneously.

We as human beings often try to bend the laws of nature.
I wanna argue that smart people know how to use them.
How to use the laws of nature, universal laws to leverage
whatever they wanna accomplish.
This is why through the centuries there have always been
wise women and men being familiar with these laws.
And they appeared in different forms and roles - priests, sages,
gurus, members of secret circles ...
These days the veil is being lifted more and more.
For those who wanna find them, the "secret tools" aren't so
secret anymore - they are becoming more and more available for
everyone - or at least for those who are ready to find them.
And even science backs up what all the religions and healing traditions
have been telling for ages - some of them are so powerful that they have
been edited out of the bible e.g.

How fascinating!
We nowadays have access to "the secrets of life".
Just think of quantum physics and epigenetic e.g.
What has been reserved for exclusive "inner circles" for centuries,
you now can apply yourself to create the life of your dreams.

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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The buffet of Life

The Buffet of Life always laid opulently.

YOU choose.
Choose what you like.
Choose what you wanna try.
Choose how much you want.

The buffet of life is never empty.
Abundance is one of the key elements of life.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don't wanna see it this way.
Instead, they prefer to complain.

"It's not enough."
"Others have more"
"I can't."

What would you tell someone who is standing in front
of an opulent buffet and saying
"I am soooo hungry."?
I would tell them: "Go and grab some food."
Some people may be surprised that they are allowed to
choose freely from the buffet of life - "Why I didn't know this before?"
Others may argue "I can't." "Please do it for me."
Others may stubbornly choose what they don't like, choose the same
food over and over again and complain that they don't like it.

Sounds familiar?

The good news is
You have the freedom to choose - always.
This is how life is meant to be.

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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Do it anyway.

Do it anyway.

It does not matter if you fail or succeed.

We live in a culture ruled by fear.
Where failure and problems are devalued.

It starts early at school or even already at kindergarten -
or even earlier...because it is the status quo.
We are used and train to do things "right".

Fear and fear of failure are the biggest obstacles if you wanna
create something amazing, something out of the norm,
something no one has ever done before.
A child doesn't plan to learn to walk.
And most of all the child doesn't stop when she falls down.
The child would never ever consider the act of falling down
as a failure. They wouldn't even be afraid of falling down if
they wouldn't have been trained into being fearful
by well-meaning adults.
The child just purely doesn't care.

She gets up again and keeps on walking...because it's natural

And then cultural conditioning comes in ...
good and bad...
success and failure...
this is the way things are done...
The list is endless.
And perhaps some of you can rely on what I am talking about.

So many people have wonderful ideas.
So many people know and feel deep inside how their lives should
look like so that it would be fulfilling for them.
So many people don't even try to design their lives in their
unique way because they are afraid of failure, afraid of being called
crazy, afraid of being misunderstood, afraid of being alone.

Paulo Coelho was put into a mental institution 3 times by his truly
well-meaning parents. They just have been seriously convinced that
their son turned crazy because he wanted to become a writer.
And now look at his career!

And of course, people who are fearful are easier to be controlled.
That's why the system loves them so much and supports their behavior.

Imagine a world where everyone would say
"I take full responsibility for everything that's happening in my life." -
and mean it and live it.
"Only I, myself know what's best for me."
"I am here on earth to live a fulfilling life.                                                   
This is how life is meant to be."

And the good news is - you don't have to wait until this becomes
the new status quo.
You yourself can start to create this world for you right now.
And I promise you - and I don't promise things often - I promise you,
you will encounter people, circumstances and events that support
you on this mission.
The universe has your back and others will join you - because it is law.
Your tribe of like-minded and like-hearted people will form naturally.

So don't wait - and no matter what others will think of you:
Do it anyway!

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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What kind of tribe…

What kind of tribe...

...are you creating?

"Leading and connecting people and ideas" Seth Godin

I love Seth Godin's definition of a "Tribe"

And what a wonderful world we are living in.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, etc....
These are our modern bonfires we can assemble
our tribe around - and all this from the comfort of
our homes - or where ever we may be in the world.
Isn't this amazing?
How do YOU use this opportunity?

We are born to belong. It's inherent.
And we can use it to our advantage.
We can hack the status quo.
We can show people infinite possibilities to live
their lives in the way that's truly fulfilling.
To truly #OwnYourself.

People are coming together and empower each other.
People who are truly willing to follow a certain path -
not the people who are forced to do so.

We are more powerful than we can imagine.
And if we gather in the spirit of co-creation and
supporting each other, reminding each other                                            this is even more powerful.

So I encourage you to not to waste this opportunity.
Ask yourself "What tribe I wanna create and lead?"
And "Where are other like-minded people who wanna
either join my tribe - or how we can bring tribes together
for an even greater impact?

Looking forward to getting to know your tribe.

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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First they ignore you..

First They Ignore You....

then they laugh at you...

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, 
then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi

If you are waiting for approval you entered the race to the bottom.
If you risk being laughed at, you live your unique life.
Not to bother what anyone thinks is your key to freedom,
to make your life a masterpiece.

Don't expect other people to understand you.
Even they may be very well-meaning - EVERYBODY only
sees the world filtered according to their own                                          level of consciousness.

People tend to try to conform.
Which is natural because we are born to belong.
BUT....we don't need approval to survive anymore.

If you wanna live your unique life, of course,                                          there will be disapproval.
Truth is you will never ever be able to please
everybody  - and you better should not try to do so.
Because sooner or later you will lose yourself in doing so.

The good news is

If you live your authentic self, your authentic life,
your genuine tribe will form around you naturally.
It's law.

May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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Just grateful.

Just grateful.

....just grateful today.

I am just grateful.

We take soooo many things soooo seriously.
We are so000 busy.
So busy trying to achieve something, to accomplish something
or just to get through the day.

So I invite to pause for a minute or two
and just be grateful.
Look around and find out what you can be grateful for.
Look inside and find out what you are grateful for.

Yes, I am just grateful. Everyday.
No matter what.

May you all stay blessed, happy and healthy.

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...are like exits on a highway

Highways are wonderful - if you wanna get fast
from A to B by car - if there are no traffic jams.
Yes, in general highways are very convenient.
Just going straight in one direction at high speed.

BUT....if you are driving high speed on a highway and
you realize that you are heading in the wrong direction...
then suddenly a highway isn't so great anymore.
You can't make a U-turn there, you have to wait for the next
exit and if you miss it you have to wait for the next one
which may be miles away.

The lives of many people these days are like highways.
And mostly they even choose the same highway again
and again.
And then they wonder why they always end up being
in the same old place.

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It’s Sunday

It's Sunday

...and tomorrow will be Monday again
(follow up the post of "Thanks God it's Saturday")

70% of your life you somehow giving away.
This is what we calculated yesterday based on a
5 days "working week".

How about instead of wasting so much lifetime on
acting like a robot - doing the same things over
and over again, the same morning routines, the same way
to work, meeting the same colleagues, doing the same
type of work every day and hoping for
Saturday, for the weekend.
How about filling your days with something more meaningful?
And NO I don't tell you to quit your job - at least not right away.
I invite you to try out another attitude towards life, to try out
different perspectives - what, by the way, is the purpose of the
whole blog.

If you would like to discover a new life without having to leave the existing one, choose different lenses.
You can try out the following questions to put different glasses on to - perhaps - see your world differently.

Where do I see beauty in my world?
The beauty of a sunrise, the beauty of the smile of a total stranger,
the beauty of a flower, .....

Where do I see kindness in my world?
A waitress who serves you with love and kindness, someone giving his seat in the underground to someone who needs it more, hearing someone asking "how can I help you?", .....

What am I grateful for?
My own body, my heartbeat, my breath - that I have a roof over
my head, that I don't have to care about the earth spinning in
the orbit in perfect proximity to all the other planets, to our infrastructure, our transportation system, ...

And most important asset overall:
do it playful - without any specific expectations...
just take it as a playful journey. Enjoy!

Stay blessed, happy and healthy.

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Thanks GOD it’s Saturday

Thanks GOD It's Saturday!

...this is how you betray yourself.


How about the other remaining 5 days of the week?
I say 5 because I assume that people with this attitude
are waiting the whole week long that finally, it's weekend.
If you do the math..and if I did right, you fool yourself
out of round about 70% of your life!!!!

Meaning 70% of your life you are not happy with.
You just do your job.
And you get the approval, the recognition of the society,
the culture we are living in. And when I say society, culture, I refer to our "western world" - because I didn't experience other cultures on a daily "work-life" basis.

70% of your life you somehow giving away.

70% is a huge number - isn't it?
Would you give 70% of your money away?
Most people wouldn't.

So why you are so "generous", better to say so
wasteful with your lifetime                                                                       ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

To be continued tomorrow.

Stay blessed, happy and healthy.

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Yes, I will Die

YES, I Will Die day. And so will you and everyone else.

So you better start living!

"The lives of most of the people these days are like empty sterile hospital rooms." Claire Wineland

Why most of the people need very strong wakeup calls to remember how precious life is?
Why first to get diagnosed with a terminal illness, why first to lose a loved one - or "only" losing everything that you took for granted your whole life? You know best what this could be for you - your business, your partner, all your money....

My whole life, I witnessed so many people who needed a very strong wakeup call. And often one wasn't enough even. And I always wondered WHY...Why is it so? Why can't we learn in a joyous way? I never liked this "no gain without pain" attitude - btw if you look at our physiology and at neuroscience, it doesn't make sense at all anyhow. But let's save this for another time.

The rest of this blog I will save to honor an amazing young lady, Claire Wineland. She was born with cystic fibrosis and knew from early on that her chances to live a long life are very small. I recently stumbled across her on Facebook - and I just have to say: look at her! She represents exactly what I am talking about on so many levels. And I am asking myself again - and I am asking you as well: "Why on earth is she so much more content and happy than so many other people here on earth who seem to have "everything"? To watch her message just click 
on this link: Curtain up for Claire Wineland

Stay blessed, happy and healthy.

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