It’s Sunday

It's Sunday

...and tomorrow will be Monday again
(follow up the post of "Thanks God it's Saturday")

70% of your life you somehow giving away.
This is what we calculated yesterday based on a
5 days "working week".

How about instead of wasting so much lifetime on
acting like a robot - doing the same things over
and over again, the same morning routines, the same way
to work, meeting the same colleagues, doing the same
type of work every day and hoping for
Saturday, for the weekend.
How about filling your days with something more meaningful?
And NO I don't tell you to quit your job - at least not right away.
I invite you to try out another attitude towards life, to try out
different perspectives - what, by the way, is the purpose of the
whole blog.

If you would like to discover a new life without having to leave the existing one, choose different lenses.
You can try out the following questions to put different glasses on to - perhaps - see your world differently.

Where do I see beauty in my world?
The beauty of a sunrise, the beauty of the smile of a total stranger,
the beauty of a flower, .....

Where do I see kindness in my world?
A waitress who serves you with love and kindness, someone giving his seat in the underground to someone who needs it more, hearing someone asking "how can I help you?", .....

What am I grateful for?
My own body, my heartbeat, my breath - that I have a roof over
my head, that I don't have to care about the earth spinning in
the orbit in perfect proximity to all the other planets, to our infrastructure, our transportation system, ...

And most important asset overall:
do it playful - without any specific expectations...
just take it as a playful journey. Enjoy!

Stay blessed, happy and healthy.

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Thanks GOD it’s Saturday

Thanks GOD It's Saturday!

...this is how you betray yourself.


How about the other remaining 5 days of the week?
I say 5 because I assume that people with this attitude
are waiting the whole week long that finally, it's weekend.
If you do the math..and if I did right, you fool yourself
out of round about 70% of your life!!!!

Meaning 70% of your life you are not happy with.
You just do your job.
And you get the approval, the recognition of the society,
the culture we are living in. And when I say society, culture, I refer to our "western world" - because I didn't experience other cultures on a daily "work-life" basis.

70% of your life you somehow giving away.

70% is a huge number - isn't it?
Would you give 70% of your money away?
Most people wouldn't.

So why you are so "generous", better to say so
wasteful with your lifetime                                                                       ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

To be continued tomorrow.

Stay blessed, happy and healthy.

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Yes, I will Die

YES, I Will Die day. And so will you and everyone else.

So you better start living!

"The lives of most of the people these days are like empty sterile hospital rooms." Claire Wineland

Why most of the people need very strong wakeup calls to remember how precious life is?
Why first to get diagnosed with a terminal illness, why first to lose a loved one - or "only" losing everything that you took for granted your whole life? You know best what this could be for you - your business, your partner, all your money....

My whole life, I witnessed so many people who needed a very strong wakeup call. And often one wasn't enough even. And I always wondered WHY...Why is it so? Why can't we learn in a joyous way? I never liked this "no gain without pain" attitude - btw if you look at our physiology and at neuroscience, it doesn't make sense at all anyhow. But let's save this for another time.

The rest of this blog I will save to honor an amazing young lady, Claire Wineland. She was born with cystic fibrosis and knew from early on that her chances to live a long life are very small. I recently stumbled across her on Facebook - and I just have to say: look at her! She represents exactly what I am talking about on so many levels. And I am asking myself again - and I am asking you as well: "Why on earth is she so much more content and happy than so many other people here on earth who seem to have "everything"? To watch her message just click 
on this link: Curtain up for Claire Wineland

Stay blessed, happy and healthy.

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The magic red pill

The Magic Red Pill

...would you take it?

The Magic Red Pill
If there were a magic red pill you could take and you would then have the life you ever dreamed of - all without any harming/hidden side effects - would you take it?
Be honest with yourself.
Would you take it?
You don't have to tell me or anyone else - would you take it?

How would your life look like?
How would it be different from the life you are currently living?
And again: you neither have to tell me nor anyone else - especially not your spouse or your boss.

I wonder how many people would actually take it.
Perhaps some of you now may think:                                                           "Of course! Everyone would take it."

I honestly doubt it.
WHY? You may think now.
Why would someone NOT do something so easy to get their dream life?

For the ones amongst you who want to dig deeper into this subject,
here on this blog as well as on the soon to be launched youtube channel, you will find more insights concerning
"Why someone would NOT CHOOSE to "take" their dream life?"
"What is science telling us about why people often choose mediocrity over excellence?"

For the others who feel "I had enough":
Thank you very much for following me so far.
Perhaps this article made you at least think about
"How does my dream life look like?"
And perhaps even
"What can I do in my daily life to come closer and closer to the state of living what I desire?"

Stay blessed, happy and healthy.

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No grand opening

No Grand Opening

just the next natural step..

"I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else"

This is the art of life.
And I had the courage to follow this path.
The courage not to push things through anylonger, not to hurry anymore.

We are all so trained to do, to do more and then it is still not enough -
and it will never be.
Faster is often slower....
preparation is everything, organic growth will have sustainable results.
Not every seed will germinate - this is what we call failure.
But it is just normal - not every seed is meant to fully grow - and I think sometimes - or always - it is better like this.

"There is no such thing as an overnight success. You will do well to cultivate the resources in yourself that bring you happiness outside of success or failure"
Bill Watterson

The last months of my life lead me to where I am now.
A "place" I never even thought of being.
Starting a blog and a youtube channel.
Having designed a 90 days online course.
Being invited to be part of a worldwide movement.
Being an author on another platform.

I never thought that I could write - and now I love it.
I planned to relaunch my consulting business for CEO's.
And a very good friend, I know for 30 years at least by now, complained that I withhold myself from a bigger audience.
So I switched gears - naturally - not planned.
Followed my heart and said -ok... What is one of the biggest problems I witnessed during the last 30 years of my professional life??????
Change and especially sustainable change seems to be one of the hardest things for people to do....
So the next logical step to me was
create an online course....
Something I never planned on doing and even didn't know HOW.
But I knew THAT.

Stay blessed, happy and healthy.

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