Do it anyway.

Do it anyway.

It does not matter if you fail or succeed.

We live in a culture ruled by fear.
Where failure and problems are devalued.

It starts early at school or even already at kindergarten -
or even earlier...because it is the status quo.
We are used and train to do things "right".

Fear and fear of failure are the biggest obstacles if you wanna
create something amazing, something out of the norm,
something no one has ever done before.
A child doesn't plan to learn to walk.
And most of all the child doesn't stop when she falls down.
The child would never ever consider the act of falling down
as a failure. They wouldn't even be afraid of falling down if
they wouldn't have been trained into being fearful
by well-meaning adults.
The child just purely doesn't care.

She gets up again and keeps on walking...because it's natural

And then cultural conditioning comes in ...
good and bad...
success and failure...
this is the way things are done...
The list is endless.
And perhaps some of you can rely on what I am talking about.

So many people have wonderful ideas.
So many people know and feel deep inside how their lives should
look like so that it would be fulfilling for them.
So many people don't even try to design their lives in their
unique way because they are afraid of failure, afraid of being called
crazy, afraid of being misunderstood, afraid of being alone.

Paulo Coelho was put into a mental institution 3 times by his truly
well-meaning parents. They just have been seriously convinced that
their son turned crazy because he wanted to become a writer.
And now look at his career!

And of course, people who are fearful are easier to be controlled.
That's why the system loves them so much and supports their behavior.

Imagine a world where everyone would say
"I take full responsibility for everything that's happening in my life." -
and mean it and live it.
"Only I, myself know what's best for me."
"I am here on earth to live a fulfilling life.                                                   
This is how life is meant to be."

And the good news is - you don't have to wait until this becomes
the new status quo.
You yourself can start to create this world for you right now.
And I promise you - and I don't promise things often - I promise you,
you will encounter people, circumstances and events that support
you on this mission.
The universe has your back and others will join you - because it is law.
Your tribe of like-minded and like-hearted people will form naturally.

So don't wait - and no matter what others will think of you:
Do it anyway!

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago