don’t go back

Don't go back!

Saying "no" to "back to normal".

​"Oh, I hope that we soon get back to normal."

This is what I hear often these days.
And my heart says "NO!!!!!"
"Please don't!!!!!"

Of course, I as well want to gather with friends again,

want to travel again etc. etc.
BUT - I learned throughout my life, in my personal life

as well in my professional life as a therapist and as a coach
that every crisis contains a treasure inside. 
Every crisis holds a chance, a lesson, invites us to divert the course.
To divert our course we have been targeting up to now.

Which course you have been following so far?
Has it been truly beneficial for you and your loved ones?
Or perhaps other values have been revealed during this forced retreat.
Questions like "What is really important in life for me?"

may have come to the surface.
A lot can come to the surface when we are not distracted

by our daily routine -
when we are somehow forced to be still, to listen, to go inside.

Did you use this chance so far?
Or did you keep on distracting yourself?
And yes, it might be scary to listen.
To listen to your inner voice, to your heart.
These voices you perhaps might have neglected for so long.

And even you might be afraid to listen, I tell you
these voices are well-meaning - no, not the voices of fear, no these voices who tell you who you really are, what you really want,
how you really wanna live.

And NOW we have the chance to correct the course!
How about using this time to determine a new destination?
Which is the goal you are targeting for from now on?
Do you really wanna go back?
Or are you brave enough to change gear?


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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