Driving through the desert

Driving Through The Desert...

...to get to the ocean.

Ok..let's assume you are heading towards the ocean.
And the road who is leading you to the ocean crosses
a desert.
And this is the only road to the place you want to be.
Can you imagine this?

So let's take another example.
You have a goal in life, something you wanna accomplish.
And you look at the map of opportunities and decide that
you gonna follow this road.
That you will do these steps to get where you wanna be.
Can you picture this?

So in both examples, you have a desired destination
and a guidance "tool" to get there - may it be a map, a sat nav, a coach,
a mentor, your inner wisdom etc. etc. ...

And now:
have a look at example no 1:
you are driving through the desert to get to the ocean -
this might be boring, annoying, frustrating even perhaps because
it takes so long.
But what do you in the best scenario?
You, first of all, keep on driving, follow the road.
Second, you make your journey as convenient as possible.
You perhaps listen to your favorite music, an empowering audiobook,
you have some snacks and beverages with you and you are happy
that you have air conditioning in your car and
that you don't have to walk along the road.
Meaning you make your journey as enjoyable as possible.
Can you relate to this?

Now let's move over the second example.
A part of your journey of life.
Why people are handling this situation so differently comparing
to the first one?
Why do they start complaining almost instantaneously
when their guiding "tool" leads them through the desert,
over bumpy roads?
People start blaming the tool, the guide, the roadmap - they start
doubting and a lot of them make a U-turn and
return to the place where they started from.
And a lot of people do this over and over again and then instead
of keep on heading towards their desired destination, they continue
And then they hold responsible, they blame the outer circumstances,
the guidance, life itself, the universe or even GOD.

What is true in the first example, is true for life in general.
define your destination, choose the road and keep on driving.
And make your journey as pleasant as possible.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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