Find your own truth

Find your own truth...

...and shape the future you wanna live in

There is no such thing as ONE truth
Everything is personal.
It's all about personal perspective which is of course influenced

by our experiences, the culture we have been raised in, religion, traditions, etc, etc.
Each and every one of us sees the world through their own lens, through their own filter.

Same as we can't see the full spectrum of the light,

we will never be able to see the full spectrum of an incidence.
It's all about perspective.
Look around...there is so much fighting going on about right or wrong. I don't wanna deepen this topic here and now.
I wanna remind you that even there is no such thing as THE ONE truth. You are free to choose and find your own truth.

How do I find my own truth? - you now may ask.
Here some "guidelines" I found to be very helpful for myself as well for people who asked me for support:

* Acknowledge that there is no such thing as ONE truth.
   Respect different opinions.

   That does not mean that you have to like them. 
   The freedom we want for ourselves we have to grant others as well.

* "What if?" - I love to play the "what-if game".

    What if my perspective of my current situation wouldn't be true?
     There are many variations of this game. Just explore if you like.

*  And of course "Follow Your Heart"!

    Our hearts exactly know what is true for us, what is in our best
    interest. That's inherent! Unfortunately, we are trained - often from
    an early age on - to overwrite the message of our heart, of our
    intuition, our gut feeling with our logical mind.
    So we are disconnected from our most valid guidance.

And here comes in the chance of the crisis.
People are forced to go within, to question, to realign.
If you take the chance and don't escape into fear, blaming, being victim, distractions, you will come out of any crisis renewed and empowered.
Now, is the time to shape the future you wanna live in!


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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