Follow your HEART

Listen to your HEART.

Your HEART will tell you the truth.

Listen to your heart.
Go inside.
There is where your true power lies - within!
This also includes responsibility.
The responsibility to form your own opinion
and not to blindly follow the masses -
It's an awesome exercise for your so-called normal daily life.

Right now so many people are fighting about right or wrong -

up to defame someone who has the courage to question
the mainstream media,
the "facts" who are presented in the mainstream media.

Your heart knows what's true and what's a lie-
your heart knows when someone really wants to support,

to empower you and when someone - out of whatever reason -
wants to manipulate you.

It may need courage but it will set you free.
We are born free but then the system kicks in and
starts to form you, to deprive you of who you truly are.
My heart tells me clearly that it is NOT how life is meant to be.

We are unique. YOU are unique!
Now many people around the world are in forced retreats.
What a chance - isn't it?
To be "forced" to be with yourself.
Now is the chance to turn off the outer distractions,
including the panic, the fear and listen to your heart.
So turn off the news from time to time.
Pause and go within.
I hereby encourage you to be brave, to form your own opinion,

to go on a treasure hunt what your life is really about,
how you truly wanna live, who you truly are.
And yes, some people shy away from this.
Don't wanna look into the mirror of clarity and their own truth.

And that's ok.
No one is forced to do so...again, take responsibility!
Every decision is a decision - even not to decide is a decision.
For those who wanna grasp the chance of this crisis:
Now you can lay the foundation for your future.
YES, there is a chance in every crisis.
Remember you reap what you sow.
What kind of life, what kind of lifestyle - inside and outside -

do you wanna reap?
Now you have the time to make new decisions -
and I see already many people taking this chance.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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