free from conditioning

Free yourself from the chains of conditioning...

...and let love and wisdom rule your life.

Conditioning and indoctrination are poison.
From an early age on we are trained to believe

what so-called authorities tell you.
Looking around in the world it seems to me that people unlearned to think their own thoughts, to question, to make up their mind, to take full responsibility for their lives.
Yes, I can understand that it may seem to be more comfortable to agree, to blindly follow what the teacher says, the doctor, the government.
But it chains you.
And how does it feel to live in chains?

Do you really want to spend your life hog-tied?
Do you know the story of how an elephant is conditioned?
After being bound to a spigot from an early age on, he somehow "forgets" how strong he is and so even a small spigot is enough

for a huge elephant to make him not run away.

This is how so many of you are living.
How about you just ask yourself this simple question
"What if what I am getting presented as the truth

through outside authorities isn't true?"
What if?
How would it change your life?
I hereby invite you to question, to listen, to do your own research,

to compare, to find your own truth.
It's totally up to you if you wanna live someone else's life or

a self-determined one.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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8 months ago