gaining clarity

Gaining clarity

Lifting the veil.

"Who are you if everything is taken away from you?"
A question I often ask my clients.
Now a lot is taken away from us - or freedom to go wherever we want, our daily routines, our so-called normal behavior.

So who are you in this crisis?
What do you represent?
What do you stand for?
What are you passing on? Fear or LOVE?
What do you give to your loved ones, to the people around you, to strangers you encounter - may it be in a store or online?
And under the same perspective, you can ask these questions

the people "in charge" - the governments, the CEOs,
the billionaires (I recalled the flood of donations when
Notre Dame was burning).

Gaining clarity about yourself.
Now is a great time to do so.
Who am I?
What is really important to me?
Gaining clarity about the people around you?
Who are your true friends? Who is really there for you?
And there might appear people you never ever would have thought that they would support you and others might disappear - some of them you called friends for a long time.

"The proof is in the pudding."
Gaining clarity, clearing up your space inside and outside.
New possibilities, new connections will emerge out of this process.
It's time to shed the old that no longer serves us - even that means to give up parts of who we thought we were...
I know that can be very scary and I hereby wanna encourage you to leave scarcity and enter the realm of LOVE and

start living a life that is worth living.

You have it in your own hands.
YOU decide which way to go.
May you gain clarity.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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