Get out of your way!

Get Out Of Your Way.

And let things unfold naturally.

Try harder.
Do more.
Keep on pushing.

"You can't push the river."
But these days a lot of people try to do so.
Try to push their own stream of life.
What happens often instead is that
as more, they try to push as harder it gets,
as higher the barrages become.

I wanna argue it's an art to find the balance
between action and giving in.
I witnessed so many people - including myself -
who blocked their own way.
Blocked the outcome they often had worked so hard for,
had put so much effort and lifetime in it.

To find the right balance is an art.
And I wanna argue that especially in our action-oriented world,
a world which is often only focused on the outcome - no matter what -
in this kind of world, we need more of these artists.
More of these artists who show us that getting out of your own way
is in most of the cases the shortcut to your goal.

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago