Great teachers are…

Great teachers are...


Education, the word stem is latin "educere".

Meaning "to bring out", "to lead forth".

Opposite to that our education system seems to be based
on the false assumption that the students
are empty vessels - that they have to be filled up
with knowledge, information - in most of the cases
useless for this person and often they have to remember
something that has no meaning at all to them personally.

To bring out - this is how education truly is meant to be.
Status quo still is: putting information into the system
(the student) and then testing how good the system is in
The better in reproducing, the better the grade,
the better the degree.
This is the difference between indoctrination and
education. Putting in vs bringing out.

I wanna argue that some of the assets of a good teacher are

*I don't know it all
*I am willing to admit mistakes
*I see you
*I am willing to teach by example
*I am willing to do my best
*I don't know what's the best for you
  but I will support you to find and go your unique way.
*I will provide you with the tools and the knowledge

  so that you can design YOUR best life.
*I will open up the space of possibilities.
*I will walk with you - side by side.

I hope you find more to add.

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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