I love these quiet moments….

I Love These Quiet Moments...

...this sacred space.

This space where people feel so comfortable
that they doff their masks.
This space that provides so much shelter
that someone can put her armor down.

Especially those who don't do it normally -
not even with their friends or family.
In this space they do and start to enjoy it.
This space where there is this open contact-
eye to eye, heart to heart.
This space free of judgment, free of labeling and
free of "good advice".
This space filled with pure love, understanding
and compassion.
Just being.
Being who you truly are.
Feeling what you truly feel.
Expressing without a filter.
Pure essence of existence.

Isn't it this what we all are longing for?
Just to be, show up as the one who we truly are.
Feeling loved, appreciated for what we are -
not for what we do?
My heart tells me "This is how life is meant to be."
And I agree 200%.

I love these quiet moments.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago