is a trap.

​Intellect is a trap we often fall into - and sadly enough it is often used intertwined with intelligence and sophistication.
Intellect and sophistication are constructs while true intelligence is innate.
Intellect and sophistication are considered to be eminently respectable.
We lose sight of the true intelligence - you can also call it natural wisdom which comes from the heart and hereby is directly connected to the universal laws.
No, I am not against intellect and mind. They are wonderful tools that can be used by our innate intelligence and wisdom.
Yes, used by!
A role reversal happened in our culture the servants (intellect and mind) now act as rulers discrediting up to denying the importance of the true ruler (the heart).

Where did this lead us? Look around!
Intellect and mind will never be able to understand the perfect orchestration of our universe because they are plus-minus limited to facts.
Facts are always based on past experiences. These, of course, create a filter through which we see and plan our future. Please consider as well that, as you can see through history, facts can change and can be changed/manipulated.

The same way you will never be able to understand nor to experience the smell and the existence of a rose through defoliating it, you will never ever even get a glimpse of the laws of existence by just using your intellect.

If we have the courage to re-install the natural order of servant and ruler, we will be able to solve the big problems we are facing nowadays together as a community.
Then these problems will turn into opportunities.
Let's co-create and collaborate!


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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