It all starts inside…

It All Starts Inside...

...this is what a lot of people have forgotten these days.

Living in a three-dimensional world lets us often forget
where we are coming from, that we are so much more than
we represent here in our physical bodies.
I am not saying that you should neglect or dispraise it.
No, just the opposite...embrace it, embrace it all what you are,
what you experience here in this life.

Do you wanna live this life to the fullest?
Do you wanna live a fulfilled life?
Do you wanna wake up in the morning already fully content
and eager for the day?

you are so much more than what you represent in your physical form.
you are not a slave of circumstances - if you don't choose to be.
you are the powerful creator of your life - if you choose to be.

So many people spend the majority of their lives in trying to change
the outer circumstances, trying to achieve something that is outside.
And they are working so hard for it.

Spending so much time, money and energy to reach a certain goal.

Yes, the majority of people is behaving like this - so it is normal.
Only because of the majority of people is doing it, it doesn't necessarily
mean that there is no other way, an easier one, a more effective one.

And it is there - and it is always with you, inside of you.
Each and every one of us has everything inside of herself/himself.
There is where your true resources reside, your connection to the forces
of the universe, to the power that creates worlds.
And you, yes YOU, have everything INSIDE of you.
You won't find it anywhere else.
Look inside. Go inside.
And from there you not only can change yourself
but as well the world around you.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago