It’s Sunday

It's Sunday

...and tomorrow will be Monday again
(follow up the post of "Thanks God it's Saturday")

70% of your life you somehow giving away.
This is what we calculated yesterday based on a
5 days "working week".

How about instead of wasting so much lifetime on
acting like a robot - doing the same things over
and over again, the same morning routines, the same way
to work, meeting the same colleagues, doing the same
type of work every day and hoping for
Saturday, for the weekend.
How about filling your days with something more meaningful?
And NO I don't tell you to quit your job - at least not right away.
I invite you to try out another attitude towards life, to try out
different perspectives - what, by the way, is the purpose of the
whole blog.

If you would like to discover a new life without having to leave the existing one, choose different lenses.
You can try out the following questions to put different glasses on to - perhaps - see your world differently.

Where do I see beauty in my world?
The beauty of a sunrise, the beauty of the smile of a total stranger,
the beauty of a flower, .....

Where do I see kindness in my world?
A waitress who serves you with love and kindness, someone giving his seat in the underground to someone who needs it more, hearing someone asking "how can I help you?", .....

What am I grateful for?
My own body, my heartbeat, my breath - that I have a roof over
my head, that I don't have to care about the earth spinning in
the orbit in perfect proximity to all the other planets, to our infrastructure, our transportation system, ...

And most important asset overall:
do it playful - without any specific expectations...
just take it as a playful journey. Enjoy!

Stay blessed, happy and healthy.

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