Living on autopilot.

Living On Autopilot.

Do you?

Are you living your life on autopilot?
A lot of people do.
And just upfront
Don't get me wrong...I am not against autopilot systems.
Imagine if we had to control all the functions in our bodies.
We would die in less than a wouldn't have
come into existence even.
And isn't it wonderful how precisely all these programs work?
If you have to make a short sprint to catch the bus...directly your
heart rate, your blood pressure, your muscles, your whole body system
supports you instantaneously so that you can catch the bus.
We just can do it...we don't have to plan it in advance meticulously.
What a blessing!... always in life...what can be a blessing in some cases,
can be a curse in others.
Same is true with autopilot programs.
Are you happy with all the autopilot programs

you have been running all day long?
Do they support your health and your happiness?
Do they deliver you, to they contribute to a fulfilled life?
Have you been running these programs for so long
that you don't even question them anymore?
Can you remember who installed them in the first place?
Has it been you with the clear intention

to create a happy and fulfilling life,
to fulfill your life's purpose?
Or has it been developed and installed by someone else
and you just allowed it to happen?
Checking our autopilot programs from time to time is key.
Even you will find there a program which has been beneficial
for you for years, may not suit you today.
So do your regular checks to make sure that you don't exist as a robot
but live the life of a human being.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago