The Magic Red Pill

...would you take it?

The Magic Red Pill
If there were a magic red pill you could take and you would then have the life you ever dreamed of - all without any harming/hidden side effects - would you take it?
Be honest with yourself.
Would you take it?
You don't have to tell me or anyone else - would you take it?

How would your life look like?
How would it be different from the life you are currently living?
And again: you neither have to tell me nor anyone else - especially not your spouse or your boss.

I wonder how many people would actually take it.
Perhaps some of you now may think:                                                           "Of course! Everyone would take it."

I honestly doubt it.
WHY? You may think now.
Why would someone NOT do something so easy to get their dream life?

For the ones amongst you who want to dig deeper into this subject,
here on this blog as well as on the soon to be launched youtube channel, you will find more insights concerning
"Why someone would NOT CHOOSE to "take" their dream life?"
"What is science telling us about why people often choose mediocrity over excellence?"

For the others who feel "I had enough":
Thank you very much for following me so far.
Perhaps this article made you at least think about
"How does my dream life look like?"
And perhaps even
"What can I do in my daily life to come closer and closer to the state of living what I desire?"

Stay blessed, happy and healthy.

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