Positive Thinking Does Not Work!

Positive Thinking Does Not Work. 

...BUT...Sophia how can you say that?

You are the one who always tells us
"Focus on what you want"
"Finetune yourself"
"You can create your life on purpose"

How can you say that positive thinking
does not work?????

Ok..let me clarify:
First of all - as always - the proof is in the pudding.
Didn't you hear a lot of people saying the same already?
"I trained myself into positive thinking - but my life is
still the same - or even worse."

WHY is it so?
Because positive thinking ALONE doesn't help.
It even can make things worse.
Because it is only ONE puzzle piece in the whole game.
You have to be aligned with your positive thinking.
Imagine...you purely think about something positively,
sooooo positively - and on the other hand of the stick
there are your feelings...and your feelings contradict
completely what you thinking.
You are anxious, doubting, afraid that it wouldn't work...
Our feelings are more powerful than most of the people
think. So in this case - because you perhaps - still- not
know who to create supportive feelings this is happening:        

First...you boycott your positive thinking from inside.
Second...this causes immense stress inside your whole
This is not how it works.

FIRST you have to ALIGN.
Thinking AND Feeling.
(This is part of the finetuning process I am teaching.)
And THEN and only then the desired outcome can appear.

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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