I just love them...

We had such a gorgeous summer over here in Germany.
Something I call "real summer".
And now autumn is arriving.
The air is different - and yes, it started raining.

I love seasons because they remind me that everything
has its time in life.
And don't we often forget?
How often we plant a seed and wanna harvest the other day?
How often people say "Oh, that's an overnight success".
Just because they can't see what happened in the "underground".
Sometimes seeds have to stay in the ground -
unseen for quite a long time.
Like the seeds in the dessert e.g. - and then the rain comes and
BOOM...blossoming all over...nearly instantaneously.

We as human beings often try to bend the laws of nature.
I wanna argue that smart people know how to use them.
How to use the laws of nature, universal laws to leverage
whatever they wanna accomplish.
This is why through the centuries there have always been
wise women and men being familiar with these laws.
And they appeared in different forms and roles - priests, sages,
gurus, members of secret circles ...
These days the veil is being lifted more and more.
For those who wanna find them, the "secret tools" aren't so
secret anymore - they are becoming more and more available for
everyone - or at least for those who are ready to find them.
And even science backs up what all the religions and healing traditions
have been telling for ages - some of them are so powerful that they have
been edited out of the bible e.g.

How fascinating!
We nowadays have access to "the secrets of life".
Just think of quantum physics and epigenetic e.g.
What has been reserved for exclusive "inner circles" for centuries,
you now can apply yourself to create the life of your dreams.

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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a couple of years ago