Should I or…

Should I or...

...shouldn't I?

Pros and Cons?
Vibrational speaking it doesn't make sense at all.
It's more like this one step forward and one back - at least.

Can you advance like this?
Of course not.
And even it is still common sense, a lot of people do it this way,
it isn't very helpful.

At least there is a more effective way.
Do you like more effectively?

Hear me out!

Find the "Yes's"!
Make a Yes list.
And to make it even more effective:
Make a list of the emotions linked to your Yes's.
(Because emotions are the key to manifestation.)

And here comes an add-on:
If it is not a CLEAR yes, it's a NO.

Enjoy finding your Yes's!

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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