How to create healthy companies

and communities.

As in our bodies, everything is based on the principle of harmony 

which naturally per se involves EVERY single part of the whole.
And this principle is overlooked, run over inside most of our what we call civilized structures.

Looking back at what I encountered over the last 3 decades of my professional career, I can say that one of the main issues in our cultures is that people don't live their unique selves, aren't empowered, aren't trusted that they truly have something unique to contribute.

It seems that even there has been so much innovation, humanitarian evolution got stuck at the early age of industrialism where people have been trained and treated to be like robots, just to function.
What I often find inside companies as well as in people who come to me and seek support is that people don't feel seen, trusted and appreciated in what they do, who they truly are and what they have to contribute in their unique way. So they just automatically function - until they crash or leave their workplace...burnout and other diseases are one form of what I mean by "crash".
And it doesn't matter which position they hold - from housekeeper to secretary to top's always the same, can be retraced to the same origin.

I feel, see and experience that is rooted in the - still - mechanistic worldview.
Denying the laws of nature, the wisdom of nature which is co-creation and collaboration based on the principle of everyone is contributing their best and being acknowledged, seen and trusted.
Btw companies who apply these principles already experience organic growth, health and wealth for everyone.
This is how you create sustainability and ignite and empower self-controlling/ self-regulating mechanisms which are the true nature of all living systems.
And it all starts with the individuum. Nothing truly sustainable, no true living synergy can ever be implemented through external control only through empowering the inherent forces  that lay within each and everyone of us.

To be continued.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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