Thanks GOD It's Saturday!

...this is how you betray yourself.


How about the other remaining 5 days of the week?
I say 5 because I assume that people with this attitude
are waiting the whole week long that finally, it's weekend.
If you do the math..and if I did right, you fool yourself
out of round about 70% of your life!!!!

Meaning 70% of your life you are not happy with.
You just do your job.
And you get the approval, the recognition of the society,
the culture we are living in. And when I say society, culture, I refer to our "western world" - because I didn't experience other cultures on a daily "work-life" basis.

70% of your life you somehow giving away.

70% is a huge number - isn't it?
Would you give 70% of your money away?
Most people wouldn't.

So why you are so "generous", better to say so
wasteful with your lifetime                                                                       ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

To be continued tomorrow.

Stay blessed, happy and healthy.

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