Way too many debates

Way Too Many Debates

...in this world. It's annoying.

"Debating is the play of the ego - Exchanging ideas  is the art of the creative mind."

Look around...debating, arguing all over the planet.
Experts are debating.
Politicians are debating.
Non-experts are debating.
So-Called experts are debating.
Fans are debating.

It seems like a lot of people spend most of
their time debating.
And mostly it is about right or wrong.
One opinion against the other.

To me it is annoying. Because in most of the cases
it doesn't lead anywhere.
Fruitful discussions are very rare to find, these ones
you really bring out a solution, something for the better.

To me, it is - in most of the cases - a waste of my precious lifetime.
I prefer to create/to have open spaces to exchange ideas,
point of views.
No discussions about right or wrong - no, giving space to create
new possibilities instead, to be enriched by other worldviews, ways of
thinking, ways of living...how fascinating, how enriching!

This is, by the way, here I don't have a comment option.
I don't wanna discuss with you.
To me, there is no right or wrong.
Just what is appropriate for me at this point in my life.
So just food for thought.
And like with any food I am preparing, no one has to like it.
But if you do, please feel free to take as much as you like
from the buffet, I am offering to you.

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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