we all gonna die

We all gonna die.

It's inevitable.

We all gonna die.
No exception.
Yes, also you, you are reading this, also YOU will die one day.
A fact that most people shy away from.
A fact that most of our society seems to deny.
Most of the people seem to live as they would have time, endless time.
As if death wouldn't come to them.
Until they are directly affected by death - in their personal environment or the appearance of death hits them collectively.
And then they are shocked, afraid up to paralyzed and helpless.

This is totally normal and understandable, just a normal human reaction when they face a situation that feels life-threatening to them.

Yes, it doesn't have to be life-threatening - it does not matter if the situation IS actually life-threating, e.g. you find yourself in a situation where you wake up and find your house on fire or you FEEl that your life is threatened.
Physiologically it makes no difference - your brain, your whole body reacts ins the same way - it makes no difference.
You enter the survival mode - which by the way shuts down the logical mind - which makes total sense when you jump from the street so that you won't get hit by a truck.
It's very important to know that if you are in a survival mode - and remember, it does not matter if the threat is real or you just feel threatened - the logic mind is shut down, as well your ability to find solutions - you just react.
So in your daily life, it can be very helpful to ask yourself the question "Am I in a life-threatening situation or do I feel just the way?" - and no worry - as long as you still have the time to ask this question, you aren't!
You still have time to think, to re-think, to calm down and hereby opening up for solutions.

People are often shocked when I tell them

that death is one of my best friends.
And yes, death is one of my best friends.

Death reminds me of life and helps me to live my life and not only exist.
Not to live a life "If...then."

I see so many people postpone their life.
Postpone their dreams, their desires.
Postpone the life they truly wanna live.
They often seem to forget how precious life is.
So in times of crisis, they have the chance to remember,

to wake up and start to leave the vicious circle of their daily routines, 
of their way of thinking and feeling, of their way of how and what they prioritize.

See, this is why I personally call death one of my best friends. Death tells me "Don't waste your life."
Death encourages me to ask myself from time to time the question "What do I wanna do with the rest of my life?"

Meaning from NOW on!

May you all life live your best life ever!


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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