What do you invest in?

What do you invest in?

No, I am not talking about money - at least not in the first place.

It's always interesting for me to watch what people invest their time in.
Especially during an era where to have a lot of time seems to be suspicious even.
"I don't have time" might be more accepted by society, even accredited.

Somehow forgetting that "having time is an illusion".
We don't have time - same as we don't have the air we breathe.
It's a resource we can use but never possess.

How well do you use your time?
How smart you invest in it?

How crazy is it?
We have highly paid investment bankers.
Shouldn't we pay more attention to time investing?
Money, you gain - money, you lose.
And you can always refill your bank account.

Lifetime once spent, you will never ever get back.
So how about becoming your own time investment banker?


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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