What kind of tribe…

What kind of tribe...

...are you creating?

"Leading and connecting people and ideas" Seth Godin

I love Seth Godin's definition of a "Tribe"

And what a wonderful world we are living in.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, etc....
These are our modern bonfires we can assemble
our tribe around - and all this from the comfort of
our homes - or where ever we may be in the world.
Isn't this amazing?
How do YOU use this opportunity?

We are born to belong. It's inherent.
And we can use it to our advantage.
We can hack the status quo.
We can show people infinite possibilities to live
their lives in the way that's truly fulfilling.
To truly #OwnYourself.

People are coming together and empower each other.
People who are truly willing to follow a certain path -
not the people who are forced to do so.

We are more powerful than we can imagine.
And if we gather in the spirit of co-creation and
supporting each other, reminding each other                                            this is even more powerful.

So I encourage you to not to waste this opportunity.
Ask yourself "What tribe I wanna create and lead?"
And "Where are other like-minded people who wanna
either join my tribe - or how we can bring tribes together
for an even greater impact?

Looking forward to getting to know your tribe.

                    May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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