Why so serious

Why so serious...?

...it separates you from life, joy, and LOVE.

​We buy into that seriousness is a sign of being a grown-up -

not realizing that it's the root of many problems and diseases people suffer from throughout the rest of their lives.

In all your seriousness you are trying to control your life, people and circumstances.

Yes TRYING - controlling your life is an illusion...
and now I hear a lot of you you screaming inside - or even outside... "But!!!! - NO!!!! - If I don't... - life is that way - it's getting out of control - I can't just live my life" ...and so on.
Being too serious separates us from who we truly are - separates us from our alignment and hereby from our own inner wisdom and guidance.
And from our inherent control system...hahaha...
Now you think "BUT you just said we can't control our lives, it's an illusion - and now you are talking about our inherent control system.
There is a huge difference between controlling through our mind and following the guidance of our inherent control system.
Our minds are way too limited to control our lives in a healthy way even people try very hard - in all areas of our lives. Which by the way creates a lot of disasters.

In all our seriousness we create the hubris of being superior to creation. Look around...people are trying to control nature, humans and the whole world...not even understanding a tiny little bit the perfect orchestration of our universe, mother earth, our bodies...
up to now no one knows how it happens during our embryonic evolution that the heart starts beating.
There is a greater control mechanism, a much wiser control inside each and every one of us. And if we have the courage to re-align with this inner power and wisdom and have the courage to be guided from within, this is how you can control your life and let a healthy, wealthy and fulfilling life unfold.
So...why so serious?

ps...here a little music inspiration https://youtu.be/45Fvy5h38KI


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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