Yes, I will Die

YES, I Will Die day. And so will you and everyone else.

So you better start living!

"The lives of most of the people these days are like empty sterile hospital rooms." Claire Wineland

Why most of the people need very strong wakeup calls to remember how precious life is?
Why first to get diagnosed with a terminal illness, why first to lose a loved one - or "only" losing everything that you took for granted your whole life? You know best what this could be for you - your business, your partner, all your money....

My whole life, I witnessed so many people who needed a very strong wakeup call. And often one wasn't enough even. And I always wondered WHY...Why is it so? Why can't we learn in a joyous way? I never liked this "no gain without pain" attitude - btw if you look at our physiology and at neuroscience, it doesn't make sense at all anyhow. But let's save this for another time.

The rest of this blog I will save to honor an amazing young lady, Claire Wineland. She was born with cystic fibrosis and knew from early on that her chances to live a long life are very small. I recently stumbled across her on Facebook - and I just have to say: look at her! She represents exactly what I am talking about on so many levels. And I am asking myself again - and I am asking you as well: "Why on earth is she so much more content and happy than so many other people here on earth who seem to have "everything"? To watch her message just click 
on this link: Curtain up for Claire Wineland

Stay blessed, happy and healthy.

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