You are the miracle.

You Are The Miracle.

The miracle is inside of you.

People are looking, praying, hoping for miracles.
Some experience what they call a miracle.
The majority doesn't.

What is a miracle?
What do we label as a miracle?
So let's collect some attributes of miracles
* it doesn't happen "normally" on a day to day basis

   at least we think so
* it is often unexpected - when we already gave up hope e.g.
* it's unusual
* it feels that we can't influence it
* it feels like we are dependant on the grace of an outside force

So now let's assume you are a time traveler.
And you would travel back into the Stone Age.
And you would take your pocket lighter with you.
Imagine you would meet some of these people over there,
back in time and use your lighter to ignite the bonfire?
Can you picture this situation?
It would be a miracle for these people - right.
Perhaps they would be even afraid.
Perhaps they would think you are not human - a God perhaps.

So miracles are something we can't explain.
If you have the know-how, the technology it is no longer a miracle.
And many people don't know that they have the technology inside themselves - it's inherent.
Up to now, there is no scientific explanation why during the embryonal development the heart starts beating. What is the initial impulse that ignites our hearts start beating. This is one of the many miracles of life.
We all are walking miracles.
Think of all the functions our bodies are providing not only to keep us alive, to allow us to do all the amazing things humans can perform.

And even more.
You have the technology inside yourself

to perform miracles on purpose.
And you can get access to this technology,

you can learn how to use them.
We all have the potential to become a miracle maker.
So you won't depend any longer on outside forces, because you will remember that you had it inside of you all along.


May you all be blessed, happy and healthy.

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